Gazebo classic material colors not working in Gazebo Ignition

Hi everyone,

I’m doing a few tutorials to simulate a lidar based navigation system and I’ve hit a few issues when trying to use Gazebo classic features in Gazebo Ignition.

A recent one is that Gazebo Ignition was ignoring the material colours that I’d specified in my urdf. This is an example of what was working in Gazebo classic:

    <gazebo reference="left_wheel">

This Github issue revealed the following format that can be used instead:

     <gazebo reference="chassis">
                <ambient>0 0 1 1</ambient>
                <diffuse>0 0 1 1</diffuse>
                <specular>0 0 1 1</specular>

Once updated, Gazebo ignition finally started rendering my material colors:


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