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Gazebo classic material colors not working in Gazebo Ignition

Hi everyone,

I’m doing a few tutorials to simulate a lidar based navigation system and I’ve hit a few issues when trying to use Gazebo classic features in Gazebo Ignition.

A recent one is that Gazebo Ignition was ignoring the material colours that I’d specified in my urdf. This is an example of what was working in Gazebo classic:

    <gazebo reference="left_wheel">

This Github issue revealed the following format that can be used instead:

     <gazebo reference="chassis">
                <ambient>0 0 1 1</ambient>
                <diffuse>0 0 1 1</diffuse>
                <specular>0 0 1 1</specular>

Once updated, Gazebo ignition finally started rendering my material colors:

Gazebo Classic to Gazebo Ignition Diff Drive Conversion

Hi everyone,

I’m currently following some ros2 tutorials for simulating a diff drive robot in Gazebo Classic. I’m using Gazebo Ignition and unfortunately the definitions aren’t interchangeable.

Just in case anyone else hits the same issue, this is the definition I ended up using instead:

            <!-- Wheel info: -->

            <!-- Limits -->

            <!-- Output -->



The following links were pretty helpful when it came to tracking down the differences:

Spawn entity timeout in Gazebo from Ros2

Hi everyone,

I’m currently following a tutorial to simulate a fairly basic lidar robot with ROS2 and Gazebo: Unfortunately, there have been a few updates since the tutorial was created and a number of the commands don’t map 1:1 (no copy and paste).

While trying to create a launch file I ran into the following error:

[create-3] [ERROR] [1668289712.483268807] [ros_gz_sim]: Request to create entity from service [/world/deafult/create] timed out.

This was the relevant line in the launch file:

# Run the spawner node from the gazebo_ros package. The entity name doesn't really matter if you only have a single robot.
spawn_entity = Node(package='ros_ign_gazebo', executable='create',
'-world', 'deafult',
'-topic', 'robot_description',
'-entity', 'my_bot'],

The issue causing it to hang is that the world doesn’t exist. In my case, it’s because of a typo. However, if you’ve defined a world that you haven’t created yet it will result in the same error.