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ORA-28000: the account is locked – PeopleSoft

Hey everyone,

Just a small PeopleSoft issue I ran into while running an SQR:

(SQR 5528) ORACLE OCISessionBegin(RDBMS) error 28000 in cursor 0:
   ORA-28000: the account is locked
(SQR 4701) Cannot logon to the database.

SQR for PeopleSoft: Program Aborting.

For some reason the sysadm account had been locked, thankfully there’s a fairly easy fix:


If you don’t have access you may need to get a DBA to run it.

Installing SQL Developer on Ubuntu – make-sqldeveloper-package chmod: missing operand after `755′

Hey everyone,

I was following a guide while trying to install SQL Developer on Ubuntu, however I ran into the following error:

make-sqldeveloper-package chmod: missing operand after `755′


To fix it, simply change line number #381 in ‘/usr/bin /make-sqldeveloper-package’ as follows:


${FIND} "${OPTDIR}" ! ( -type d -o -name "*.jar" ) |${XARGS} ${XARGS_OPTS} ${FILE} ${FILE_OPTS} |${GREP} ${GREP_OPTS} "shell script text executable" |${CUT} ${CUT_OPTS_FUNC_CLEAN} |${XARGS} ${XARGS_OPTS} ${CHMOD} ${CHMOD_OPTS}


${FIND} "${OPTDIR}" ! ( -type d -o -name "*.jar" ) |${XARGS} ${XARGS_OPTS} ${FILE} ${FILE_OPTS} |${GREP} ${GREP_OPTS} "shell script" | ${GREP} ${GREP_OPTS} "text executable" |${CUT} ${CUT_OPTS_FUNC_CLEAN} |${XARGS} ${XARGS_OPTS} ${CHMOD} ${CHMOD_OPTS}

Thanks to this blog post for the solution, just note that it is Polish.

Let me know if you have any issues!

Sending Email – PL/SQL

A quick post on how to send an email with PL/SQL.

There’s a LOT of documentation available at the following link:

       /* Create vars */
       v_From        VARCHAR2 (80) := 'test@test.com';
       v_Recipient   VARCHAR2 (80) := 'me@me.com';--REPORT_RECEIVER;
       v_Subject     VARCHAR2 (80) := 'test subject';
       v_Mail_Host   VARCHAR2 (30) := 'smtp.test.com';
       v_Mail_Conn   UTL_SMTP.Connection;
       crlf          VARCHAR2 (2) := CHR (13) || CHR (10);

       /* Define connection */
       v_Mail_Conn := UTL_SMTP.Open_Connection (v_Mail_Host, 25);
       UTL_SMTP.Helo (v_Mail_Conn, v_Mail_Host);
       UTL_SMTP.Mail (v_Mail_Conn, v_From);
       UTL_SMTP.Rcpt (v_Mail_Conn, v_Recipient);
       UTL_SMTP.Data (
             'Date: '
          || TO_CHAR (SYSDATE, 'Dy, DD Mon YYYY hh24:mi:ss')
          || crlf
          || 'From: '
          || v_From
          || crlf
          || 'Subject: '
          || v_Subject
          || crlf
          || 'To: '
          || v_Recipient
          || crlf
          || crlf
          || 'some message text'
          || crlf
          ||                                                       -- Message body
            'more message text'
          || crlf);
       UTL_SMTP.Quit (v_mail_conn);

       /* Catch exceptions */
       --WHEN OTHERS THEN         

Sleep Function Within PeopleCode – PeopleSoft

While at work today I discovered that there doesn’t appear to be any built in functionality to allow for a delay to be implemented within PeopleCode. Thankfully there are a couple of roundabout way you can go about doing this:

#1: Works if you are sitting on an Oracle DB

/* The following code creates a 5 second delay using DBMS_LOCK.SLEEP */
&s = 5;
SQLExec("exec DBMS_LOCK.SLEEP(:1)", &s);

#2: Note that this method is not as efficient as DMBS_LOCK.SLEEP()

/* The following code creates a 5 second delay using the java sleep method */
&s = 5;
GetJavaClass("java.lang.Thread").sleep(1000 * &s);