Month: May 2014

  • How to stop text taking up more than one line – CSS

    Hey everyone, Just a quick post on how to stop text taking up more than one line using only CSS: .truncate { white-space: nowrap; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; } You can check it out using this fiddle: There’s also a great StackOverflow post: //,css,result/

  • Duplicate type name within an assembly. – Entity FrameWork (EF)

    Hey everyone, I ran into this error message while trying to debug a project today: “Duplicate type name within an assembly.”   The workaround to this was actually pretty weird. Remove all of your breakpoints that appear before this exception and place one after it instead. That’s it! A bit of a weird issue, but…

  • Twitter Authentication 401 Unauthorized – MVC4/5

    Hey everyone, Just testing out twitter authentication and ran into the following error: Response Status code does not indicate success: 401 (Unauthorized). … To fix this, all you’ve got to do is go to you Twitter App settings and: – Add a callback url (doesn’t have to be real) – Check the ExternalLoginConfirmationViewModel checkbox

  • Unable to Find GoogleOAuth2AuthenticationOptions – MVC4/5

    Hey everyone, I was following the guide provided via the startup.auth.cs link on how to add Google authentication to your app. The problem I hit was that the example types used weren’t available, specifically GoogleOAuth2AuthenticationOptions. Thankfully the fix fix for this was pretty easy, simply update OWIN via NuGet: – Right click on your project…

  • Decimal Values for Bitcoin C#

    Hey everyone, Just linking to a few Stackoverflow posts that have helped me out with bitcoin precision requirements: Precision Values Setting up Decimal Precision in MVC4+

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