Month: April 2013

  • Warning: S3::putObject(): RequestTimeTooSkewed – CarrierWave (Ruby on Rails)

    Hey everyone, Another issue I came across while working with CarrierWave. After rebooting a VM Amazon started too complain “request time too skewed”: Warning: S3::putObject(): RequestTimeTooSkewed The difference between the request time and the current time is to large. in x on line 14 This one is another simple fix, just make sure your system…

  • Amazon S3 Images Expiring – CarrierWave (Ruby on Rails)

    Hey everyone, After working with CarrierWave for a couple of days a few of my images started disappearing. It took a while to work out what was causing it, but thankfully the fix is pretty easy: #Set fog_public in your initialiser to true config.fog_public = false #Should be config.fog_public = true Alternatively, if you’d like…

  • Retrieving Thumbnail from an Animated Gif – CarrierWave

    Hey everyone, I’ve been mucking around with CarrierWave today and ran into a bit of an issue. When creating a thumbnail from an animated gif the thumbnail was also animated. Unfortunately this led to some of my image-heavy pages hanging for a bit. This StackOverflow post offers the following solution: #Add this method in your…

  • Excon::Errors::SocketError Broken pipe (Errno::EPIPE) – Ruby on Rails

    Hey everyone, I was having a bit of trouble with CarrierWave on Amazon S3 today. When attempting to upload files that were larger than ~150kb I received one of the following errors (depending on config): getaddrinfo: Name or service not known carrierwave Excon::Errors::SocketError in PhotosController#create Broken pipe (Errno::EPIPE)   Despite the vague error, the solution…

  • Remote JSON Source – Ruby on Rails

    Hey everyone, Just a quick post on how to retrieve a remote JSON source so I don’t forget. require ‘open-uri’ require ‘json’ #Retrieve source (controller/model) @results = JSON.parse(open(“”).read) #In view That’s all there is to it, let me know if you have any problems!

  • Blank Row in Select_Tag – Ruby on Rails

    Hey everyone, Just a quick post on how to include a blank row or prompt value when using a select_tag in rails: #Prompt “Please select an animal” /> #Blank option true /> Let me know if you have any issues.

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