Month: October 2015

  • This type of fee payer x isn’t recognized by our system – PayPal Adaptive Payments SDK

    Hey everyone, Just another Adaptive Payments SDK error I’ve run into. Error Id: 560027 This type of fee payer x isn’t recognized by our system This one is fairly self explanatory, valid values are as follows: SENDER – Sender pays all fees (for personal, implicit simple/parallel payments; do not use for chained or unilateral payments)…

  • Cannot parse *.config file – AdaptivePayments SDK (PayPal)

    Hey everyone, Just working on a small project that uses PayPal’s C# AdaptivePayments SDK. I hit an error while attempting to make the following payment: var service = new AdaptivePaymentsService(); payResponse = service.Pay(payRequest); “Cannot parse *.config file. Ensure you have configured the ‘paypal’ section correctly.” at PayPal.Manager.ConfigManager..ctor() at PayPal.Manager.ConfigManager.get_Instance() at PayPal.BasePayPalService..ctor() at PayPal.AdaptivePayments.AdaptivePaymentsService..ctor() It turns…

  • Select Not Showing Selected Values – AngularJs

    Hey everyone, I had a bit of trouble getting a selected option to show up with AngularJs. It turned out that I needed to add an ng-selected attribute: {{command.Status}} Enabled Disabled Deleted Check out this Stackoverflow post for more info:

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