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angular js calling services twice – Angular JS

Hey everyone,

I had a few of my AngularJS services being called twice. The issue turned out to be that I’d added a controller to both my route and my view:

app.config(function ($routeProvider) {
		.when('/', {
		    controller: 'ProjectsController', /* <---- here */
		    templateUrl: '/Home/Home'
  • {{project.Name}}

Removing it from the controller resolved the issue. Check out the following StackOverflow post for more info:

Error: $injector:modulerr Module Error – AngularJS

Hey everyone,

Just getting back into angularjs and I came across the following error:

Unknown provider: $routeProvider

It turns out I that while I had included the route provider file I had missed adding it to the app:

var app = angular.module('commandsApp', [']);

var app = angular.module('commandsApp', ['ngRoute']);

Check out the following links if you’re still having issues:$routeProvider