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  • Cognito Hosted UI User Pool – Google not showing

    Cognito Hosted UI User Pool – Google not showing

    Hi everyone, I’m implementing Cognito User Pools for an app and currently adding social providers (Google, Facebook, etc). The setup process seems pretty straight forward, however the social options did not appear on my hosted ui. It turned out that I’d missed the last step in the documentation: – Go to “App Client Settings” (left…

  • Get User Id in Lambda node.js

    Hi everyone, A quick post on where to find the user id (sub) in a lambda requested that has been authenticated with a congito authorizer. You’ll be able to find everything you need in the event object under requestContext > authorizer > claims:

  • Cognito Auth with AWS SAM

    Hi everyone, I’ve spent today implementing Cognito with AWS SAM and it took quite a while to work out what needed to be done – unfortunately there’s a lot of conflicting doco out there. Posting a sample template just in case it’s able to help anyone else out. The first thing to do is to…

  • Parsing Hash Args for Cognito Auth – Javascript

    Hi everyone, A quick post on a function for parsing hash args when using AWS Congito. // Just in case the fiddle ever disappears: const parseHashArgs = aURL => { aURL = aURL || window.location.href; var vars = {}; var hashes = aURL.slice(aURL.indexOf(‘#’) + 1).split(‘&’); for (var i = 0; i 1) { vars[hash[0]] =…

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