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Australian Tax File Number Generator (TFN)

Updated Tool Available

There’s now an easier to access version of this tool available at the following link: Australian Tax File Number (TFN) Generator

Along with a few other widgets that have been added more recently:

Original Post

Sample Australian Tax File Numbers/Test Australian Tax File Numbers:

865414088 459599230 125486619
656077298 796801997 754601340
243494429 953615761 551953801
946489031 996506823 615315318
412042562 907974668 565051603

I came across an old VB Script used to generate random TFNs for testing. I’ve just done up a quick JavaScript bookmarklet to replace it. Just drag the button on the page below to your bookmarks bar and you’ll be able to generate random TFNs.

Get the generator: TFN Generator

A bookmarklet to generate random TFNs

A bookmarklet to generate random TFNs

For info on how it all works, checkout the Wikipedia page: Australian Tax File Number

If you’re using IE, right click on the link and press add to favourites. Once you’ve added it, click the link in your favourites sidebar. The generator will appear in the top right hand corner of the page.

Let me know if you have any trouble. If you’d like to a custom or corporate copy please contact me.