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  • Change i2c address of ina219

    Change i2c address of ina219

    Hi everyone, I wanted to use ina219 with pca9685 but they shared the same i2c address 0x4: 0. Luckily, there’s a fairly easy fix for this. All we need to do is solder two pins together. We’re going to bridge a0 and this will change our address to 0x41. In order to check these run…

  • Using INA219 (GY-219) with the Raspberry Pi

    Hi everyone, I’ve just setup an INA219B Voltage/Current sensor on my RaspberryPi. Just thought I’d link the tutorials and libraries I used – there’s a lot of really useful info out there. Install the following library via git: https://github.com/chrisb2/pi_ina219 sudo pip3 install pi-ina219 Follow this tutorial: https://www.rototron.info/raspberry-pi-ina219-tutorial/ Misc Notes Common ground is required Vin –…

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