Lidar Failing to Start – ROS2 and RaspberryPi

Hi everyone,

I’m messing around with a diff-drive robot and have been hitting an intermittent issue with my Lidar:

[INFO] [rplidar_composition-1]: process started with pid [5959]
[rplidar_composition-1] [INFO] [1672456772.854599418] [rplidar_node]: RPLIDAR running on ROS 2 package rplidar_ros. SDK Version: '1.12.0'
[rplidar_composition-1] [INFO] [1672456775.375585284] [rplidar_node]: RPLIDAR S/N: CD8EED93C0EA98C7A0E69BF55D504560
[rplidar_composition-1] [INFO] [1672456775.375837134] [rplidar_node]: Firmware Ver: 1.29
[rplidar_composition-1] [INFO] [1672456775.375932041] [rplidar_node]: Hardware Rev: 7
[rplidar_composition-1] [INFO] [1672456775.377533563] [rplidar_node]: RPLidar health status : '0'
[rplidar_composition-1] [ERROR] [1672456777.925797978] [rplidar_node]: Cannot start scan: '80008000'

This turned out to be a low power issue. The Pi’s voltage had been dropping to about 4.5v as my 12v battery grew a little flat. Recharging the battery immediately fixed the issue.

For a more permanent fix I will switch to a larger battery. Alternatively, using a USB hub with its own power supply would also work.

Thanks to this github thread for the help.




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