Key Vault Template for Azure Bicep

Hi everyone,

I’m currently mucking around with Bicep as a replacement for plain ARM templates. I’ve just created a key vault and thought I’d share it in case anyone else finds it useful:

param namePrefix string
param location string = resourceGroup().location
param tenantId string

var name = '${namePrefix}${uniqueString(resourceGroup().id)}'

resource key_vault 'Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults@2019-09-01' = {
  name: name
  location: location
  properties: {
    sku: {
      family: 'A'
      name: 'standard'
    tenantId: tenantId

resource my_test_secret 'Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults/secrets@2019-09-01' = {
  name: '${}/my-test-secret'
  properties: {
    attributes: {
      enabled: true

If you want to add any other properties checkout the arm template definition:

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