Automapper protobuf datetime to timestamp c#

Hi everyone,

I ran into the following error tonight while attempting to use automapper to map a datetime field to a protobuf timestamp property:

automapper missing type map “DateTime -> Timestamp”

To fix it, add the following to your mapping profile:

CreateMap().ConvertUsing(x => x.ToTimestamp());

I later hit a similar error parsing a different entity:

Type Map configuration:
Entity-> EntityDto
EntityService.Models.Entity-> EntityService.EntityDto

Destination Member:

—> System.ArgumentException: Conversion from DateTime to Timestamp requires the DateTime kind to be Utc (Parameter ‘dateTime’)

Implementing the following map appears to have resolved it:

CreateMap().ConvertUsing(x => Timestamp.FromDateTime(DateTime.SpecifyKind(x, DateTimeKind.Utc)));

If you’re planning to go the other way (timestamp -> datetime) you may also need the following:

CreateMap().ConvertUsing(x => x.ToDateTime());

I’m currently using the following base class in my library:

public class BaseMappingProfile : Profile
public BaseMappingProfile()
CreateMap().ConvertUsing(x => Timestamp.FromDateTime(DateTime.SpecifyKind(x, DateTimeKind.Utc)));
CreateMap().ConvertUsing(x => x.ToDateTime());

Google didn’t seem to turn up a lot so I thought I’d post it here in case it helps someone out!

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