FAILED. Reason: Requires capabilities : [CAPABILITY_IAM] – AWS SAM

Hi everyone,

I ran into an error today while trying to deploy using AWS SAM:

aws cloudformation deploy –template-file C:Usersxxxserverless-output.yaml –stack-name events-app
Failed to create the changeset: Waiter ChangeSetCreateComplete failed: Waiter encountered a terminal failure state Status: FAILED. Reason: Requires capabilities : [CAPABILITY_IAM]

The solution is pretty straightforward. You need to explicitly add –capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM to you command:

1 thought on “FAILED. Reason: Requires capabilities : [CAPABILITY_IAM] – AWS SAM

  1. RajeshM

    In the template.yaml, for the function mention Role field with its ARN as value
    I make sure, always I aim FunctionName, Description and Role, otherwise you have to give capabilities with CAPABILITY_IAM which creates unnecessary resources internally



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