Uploadify – Limit to One Upload Only

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post detailing how to limit uploadify to a single file. Simply add the following settings to your uploadify initialisation:

multi: false
queueSizeLimit : 1
uploadLimit : 1

$(document).ready(function() {
        'swf' : 'Html->url('/uploadify/uploadify.swf');?>',
	'uploader' : 'Html->url('/uploadify/uploadify.php');?>',
	'cancelImg' : 'Html->url('/webroot/uploadify/cancel.png');?>',
	'folder' : 'Html->url('/extraz/uploaded_by_all_users');?>',
	'auto' : true,
	'buttonText' : 'Browse',
	'multi' : false,
	'queueSizeLimit' : 1,
	'uploadLimit' : 1,
	'sizeLimit' : 1073741824,
	'debug' : true,
	'multi' : false,	        
	'onUploadProgress' : upload_progress_handler,
	'onUploadStart' : upload_start_handler,
	'onUploadSuccess' : on_upload_success,
	'onUploadError' : on_upload_error

Once the upload limit is exceeded the onUploadError event is raised.




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