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  • Change Current Day Color – jQuery FullCalendar

    Hey everyone, Just a quick post on how to change a few of the styles in FullCalendar. All you need to do is add these after the default styles are loaded: Current Day Background Color .fc-today{ background-color: blue; } Change Calendar Background Color #calendar .fc-content{ background-color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 80%; } Add Box Shadow to Events…

  • FullCalendar Example with Client-Side Event Updates

    Hey everyone, I’ve been mucking around with FullCalendar recently and decided to share one of the prototypes I’ve ended up with. It basically lets the user change the events without having to do a postback. A user simply has to click the event, type in the changes and hit update. I’ve posted the code below,…

  • Remove Disabled Attribute – Twitter Bootstrap

    Hey everyone, I was using Bootstrap’s disabled attribute today and just needed a way to remove it. Once again, jQuery has a quick and easy way to do this: $(‘#my_input’).removeAttr(‘disabled’); There’s a whole heap of documentation on the jQuery site: http://api.jquery.com/removeAttr/

  • Placing Multiple Button_To on the Same Line – Ruby on Rails

    This is a problem that had me confused for an embarrassingly long time. Rails wraps button_to elements within a form and a div. Unfortunately this will take up 100% of the available width. Thankfully the solution is pretty straight forward – simply wrap buttons in a div and float them left like so: ‘button’%> ‘button’…

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