Event Dingo

Event Dingo was an event management system I worked on as a side project. It was designed to give organizers the tools they need to scale their groups.

Participating venues listed their products and specials and paid organizers a commission based on any sales. Experimentation was encouraged through the use of crowd funding, rewards and fully refundable reserves.

Tech used:
– RDS (SQL Server)
– Cloudfront
– S3
– Elastic Beanstalk
– ReactJS
– Material UI
– Assembly Payments
– Route 53

Venue Page

This page allowed vendors to create event templates, list products and create events. It also served as a general “get-started” dashboard.

Event Template View

Viewing an event template as a venue allowed the user to see a full breakdown over how their products would be sold. It also allowed them to create new events with a single click.

Event View (with CrowdFunding)

Crowdfunding enabled organizers to create events without having to commit large amounts of money to holding/reserve fees. If the event didn’t reach the reserve, all payments were refunded and the event was cancelled.

There was also the option to provide rewards as an incentive for early comitters.

Shopping Cart

Processing Payments

Crowdfunding Goal not Reached

Creating a New Account

Creating a Venue

Creating an Organizer

Other Venues

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