What is Pestinator
Pestinator is a small side project I’m working on using AWS and a number of hobby-style electronics. The end goal is to create a site that monitors and facilitates a number of automated trapping devices for pests.

What is this Page?
I’m using it to log implementations and issues that might be useful in the future (to myself and any viewers!).


Upload an Image using Post and a Pre-Signed Url

Cognito Auth with AWS SAM
Get User Id in Lambda

AWS SAM not re-creating DynamoDb Table that was manually deleted
Error: Invalid value for “–parameter-overrides”: ParameterKey=TABLE_NAME
AWS SAM Cheat Sheet/Quick Reference
Create DynamoDB Table – AWS CLI
Check if Running Locally – AWS SAM & NodeJS
Overriding Global Variables – AWS SAM Local

4: /codebuild/output/tmp/ pip: not found – Node.js and CodeStar
mocha tests/* sh: 1: mocha: Permission denied – AWS CodeBuild with Node.js

Parsing DynamoDB Items – AWS Lambda with Node.js

Query is not a function error when using promisify with MySQL

Update Wireless Info on Raspberry Pi

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